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Working on the Vorteks

Discussion in 'Vorteks' started by toodamtall, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. toodamtall

    toodamtall Well-Known Member

    Jun 6, 2017
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    Central MA
    So, I'm relatively new to the car/truck aspect of R/C. Was a boat guy before. Still have a monster Zenoah powered deep vee in my workshop, but getting to water is more of a chore. Picked up a Vorteks Mega about a year ago and had some fun with it, but over the winter my ESC quit. Since I'm a tinkerer by nature, I figured I'd see if a cheap esc/brushless combo would do for me. Picked up a Goolrc 3300kv motor with a 60amp esc for $42 online. I figured if it turned out to be a waste, it wasn't all that much money spent.

    So, first off, the motor seems very well constructed, much more so than I expected for the money. The motor and speed control claim to be waterproof, so that's all good. The output shaft is 5mm. More difficult to find a pinion gear than I expected. Robinson racing makes them in the necessary 48pitch, and I have a hobby warehouse near me (Hobby etc) that is more of an online only business, but they do have a retail store out front. Picked up a 20T pinion gear, so a little up from the 18T stock. Mounting was easy enough, but this is a true 540 can, and the back end sticks out enough to interfere with the rear motor guard. I'm running it without it now, but I may take a dremel to it at some point to make it fit back on. Bought a 2s Lipo to go with it.

    First trip out, so much torque that if you tap the trigger too hard it will actually flip over. Had to learn some finer trigger control. Once that was mastered it takes off like a rocket. Then nothing but a whine...

    Took the cover off and realized that I had set too much gap in the mesh. Ground off the tips of all the teeth on the spur. Back to the internet. Same hobby place had an alloy spur gear in 87T, 48pitch. $17 later and its all back together.

    Back outside; Its raining, good sized puddles etc. Had a blast with it. With the water soaked pavement, you can max out the trigger and spit roostertails off the rear tires about 4ft. Goes quick too. Had fun Hitting the brakes, throwing into a skid and nailing the throttle again for some old fashioned power slide action. Got wet, and used up the remainder of the charge. Took it out today and went through another charge ripping up the backyard, taking jumps (crashing it too, lol) and generally having a good time. No idea how fast it was going, but line of sight estimation is about 35mph or so on a smooth surface on 2S lipo.

    I'll be looking into assorted custom parts along the way, I expect that the extra speed and power will likely help me start breaking stuff, but so far I'm pretty happy. We'll see how long the motor lasts, but I'm very impressed so far.
  2. Bigoso75

    Bigoso75 Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2017
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    Imperial Valley California
    Sounds good! My wife recently got me a Vorteks mega for my bday and I'm lovin my truggy! Already saw they're putting out some aluminum upgrades on (where my wife purchased it). Can't wait to start beefing it up little by little...break by break lol! Have fun!
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