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Privacy Policy

[ User Submitted Data ]

Because of the community nature of this site, any and all information you submit to ArrmaForum.com should be considered publicly viewable - present and future. Submissions to ArrmaForum.com include any and all information you type into any field within the ArrmaForum.com website (with the exception of any passwords).

[ Cookies ]

ArrmaForum.com uses cookies as part of the login process and throughout the entire site to uniquely identify members and their accounts.

ArrmaForum.com delivers third party advertisements that may or may not use their own cookies. This privacy statement covers the use of cookies for ArrmaForum.com and does not cover the use of cookies by third part advertiser.

[ Email Addresses ]

ArrmaForum.com will not give out or sell your email address to third parties.

ArrmaForum.com will only contact you through the provided email address with important news about ArrmaForum.com site related issues or for matters directly related to your account.

[ Contests and Promotions ]

Any information you submit when entering a contest will only be used to facilitate your contest entry. We will seek your permission if such data will be used in any other ways.

[ Extenuating Circumstances ]

In some instances such as legal action and the enforcement of website Terms of Service and Rules, ArrmaForum.com may be required to reference and use information provided and/or gleaned as a result of your interactions with the ArrmaForum.com or associated sites.

[ Server Logs and Website Statistics ]

Like the vast majority of websites, ArrmaForum.com collects server log information such as IP address, browser type, operating system etc. ArrmaForum.com refers to this information on aggregate (no personally identifiable information) and uses it for internal website optimization purposes and to validate traffic claims with potential advertisers.

In addition to server logs, ArrmaForum.com uses Google Analytics for both internal and advertiser insight into website traffic patterns. Their privacy policy can be found here.

[ Business Variables ]

In the case that ArrmaForum.com goes through a change in operations such as a merger, acquisition, partial exchange of assets and/or funds and such actions significantly affect this privacy statement, you will be given 15 days notice to re-accept or decline such changes in regards to your future relationship with ArrmaForum.com.

[ Links ]

ArrmaForum.com contains links to 3rd party websites that do not follow the ArrmaForum.com privacy policy.

[ Notification of Changes ]

ArrmaForum.com reserves the right to change, edit, modify, submit or retract the privacy policy at any time and without notice. However, ArrmaForum.com may choose to notify website users of changes to the website through the homepage or within the forums.

[ Legal ]

ArrmaForum.com may be required to turn over your information when deemed necessary by law.

[ Liability ]

The ArrmaForum.com Privacy Policy documents ArrmaForum.com’s guidelines in regards to treating personal information. However, it does not guarantee these standards will always be met. Factors beyond the control of ArrmaForum.com may require one or more of the guidelines outlined above to be edited, altered, modified and/or be treated on a case-by-case basis at any time and without notice. All alterations to the Privacy Policy will be retroactive to first contact with ArrmaForum.com. As a consequence, ArrmaForum.com disclaims any warranties relating to the upkeep and enforcement of the ArrmaForum.com Privacy Policy.

[ Contact Information ]

ArrmaForum.com can be reached through the Contact Us page of ArrmaForum.com.

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    Arrma Forum is a Arrma RC fan site that was started to give Arrma RC enthusiasts a place to come together and discuss and share their experiences with the entire Arrma-RC product line, such as the Arrma Kraton, Arrma Talion, and Arrma Granite.

    We welcome all Arrma RC enthusiasts, both new and old, racers and bashers that share a common goal - a willingness to help and learn.
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